Modern Luxury Hawai’i Click – Spinner Dolphins



La Perouse Bay, Maui

Like many people who decide to relocate to a completely new locale, photographer Aaron Lynton moved to Maui after falling in love—only, for Lynton, his affair was with the island and the ocean. In 2011, drawn to the island’s unique and memorable environments, and the unbeatable weather (which he insists is “the best on planet Earth!”), the Atlanta-born photographer and PADI Divemaster made the move to pursue underwater photography and action sports. So it comes as no surprise that two days before the new year, he found himself doing a little bit of both, swimming with and photographing spinner dolphins in South Maui’s historic La Perouse Bay. This particular species of dolphin is known for its acrobatic leaps and playful demeanor, making the dolphins perfect subjects—and diving buddies. “I swam with [them] for over an hour,” says Lynton, “and it was indeed a surreal experience.” With his Canon 7D and Sigma 10-20 mm lens safeguarded inside his SPL Waterhousing with an 8-inch dome port, Lynton simultaneously captured the scenery both above and below the water’s surface, creating this breathtaking composition of the ancient Haleakala volcano, the bay and the dolphins below. Lynton didn’t know the shot would be so stunning, though—“with no immediate playback in my housing, I’d resigned myself to not seeing my images until [I] got back to my computer,” he explains. “Thoughts of out-of-focus dolphins ran through my mind.” Fortunately, he blew this shot out of the water!



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