Aaron is a published photographer, videographer, and diver based in beautiful Maui, Hawaii. He specializes in ocean art, action-sports, music videos and documentary film. He has a B.F.A. in Film/TV from Savannah College of Art and Design(SCAD, 2010), and is a PADI Dive Master. Photography has been a long time passion for Aaron. He grew up in Atlanta, GA and Washington, DC,  but also lived in Savannah, GA to formally study photography, film and television. Honing his craft under wise professors and working among like-minded peers  proved a good move as his thesis film, “Those Other Days” was 1 of 3 films nominated for SCAD’s 2010 Best Undergraduate Documentary. After school, Aaron decided to relocate to the island of Maui to pursue diving, underwater photography and action-sports. He has had continued success with publications by Maui Now News and has been fortunate to participate in the World Surf League XXL Big Wave Awards, which is an annual contest that acknowledge the achievements of the world’s finest surfers in the biggest waves, anywhere in the world. Aaron was nominated for two images in separate categories in 2016, Best Barrel of the Year and Biggest Paddle In of the Year. The following year, 2017, Aaron was again nominated and returned for the finals of the WSL XXL Big Wave Awards, but this time in the category of Biggest Wave of the Year. He has an eye for balance and loves to play with light and movement. From ocean art and marine life, to surfing and foreign environments, Aaron’s work can momentarily transport you and force you to take a unique look at the ever changing world that surrounding us. He is inspired by artists like Ansel Adams, Richard Avedon, Clark Little, Andy Cassagrande, Juan Oliphant, Perrin James, Spike Jonze and his late father, Jonathan Lynton.


If you are interested in PRINTS, please email me at Aaronlynton@gmail.com with a screenshot and/or title of the image(s).

My work is printed on dye-infused aluminum because the highest definition panels bring out the highest quality of color vibrance and image detail. There is no frame needed and the panels are ready to hang immediately via black float mount display. Aluminum prints are UV resistant, scratch resistant and waterproof, making these durable and archival prints suitable for inside and outside. They are easy to clean and they have an intimate, luminous quality that paper prints simply can’t match.

Instagram @aaronlynton.


Sizes – Prices (USD, not including shipping. Local Pick up available. Custom sizes available upon request.)

6″x9″ – $100

10″x15″ – $150

16″x24″ – $350

20″x30″ – $800

28″x42″ – $1100



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