Pe’ahi Feb. 25, 2016. The anticipation of the next day caused some trouble sleeping that night, but I was able to manage a few hours. It was a rainy night upcountry, and as I drove down the cane field, my mind began to wonder. I arrived to a partially empty cliff and got my spot set up. The moon light shined as I listened to the raw power of Pe’ahi in the darkness. At sun up, a boat and a few skis started to filter in. I pondered who would be surfing on this massive day, fully aware The Eddie had gotten the green light and many of the Maui boyz had flown over to Waimea Bay.

The day did not disappoint, and Jaws was full of action! The Mad Dogs, Yuri Soledade, Francisco Porcella, Marcio Freire, and Niccolo Porcella (among a few others) enjoyed a day of old school tow fun. And West Bowl master, Albee Layer was able to snag a beautiful, deep, paddle-in barrel. One of the deepest I’ve ever seen (with a King Kong claim).”


On the Day of The Eddie, a Handful of Brave Souls Charged Massive Jaws

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